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We practice veterinary medicine to help better the lives of our patients and their humans. Our love for animals drives everything that we do!
About Us
After working as a veterinarian for 8 years, Dr. Lora Ryan became frustrated because she was being rushed with patients and unable to expand her horizons with new treatments. She decided the best way to serve her patients and their humans was to open Riverside Veterinary Hospital.
In 2006, by slowly transforming a small brick ranch house, Riverside Veterinary was born! It has since become a loving home for not only 4-legged furry pets but also for the extended family of employees.
Knowing that prevention is much better than treatment, we offer a wide range of services and treatments to help keep your furbaby healthy and happy; from wellness exams and vaccinations to dentistry and complex surgeries.
Riverside Rehab, opened in February 2016, is our canine aquatic rehabilitation center. We offer programs for pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation, weight loss, sports conditioning and recreational swims. We also opened Tidy Tails, our do-it-yourself bathing stations.
Riverside is continuing to grow, as we are always looking for new and better ways to treat our patients.
Always accepting new patients, we cannot wait to welcome you and your pets into the Riverside family!
Our Services
  1. Tidy Tails

    Have a dirty dog? Our do-it-yourself bathing stations can help you out! We'll provide the tub, shampoo, dryer & grooming table. We even have nail trim & ear cleaning packages available! Don't want to bathe your dog, not a problem, we will be happy to do it for you!

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  2. Boarding

    Whether you are leaving for the night and need someone to take care of your pet, or leaving for a few weeks, we are here to provide your pet with loving and affordable boarding. We offer flexible boarding options for your cats and dogs.

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  3. Riverside Rehab

    Your dog can SWIM at Riverside Rehab! Using land and water-based exercises, we will tailor a program specific to your dog. Programs available for pre & post-surgical rehab, weight loss, sports conditioning & recreational swimming!

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  4. Veterinary Care

    We offer a wide variety of services to help keep your pets healthy and get them better when they are sick. Prevention is always better (and cheaper!) than treatment.
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WE HAVE AN APP! Access your pet’s medical records, request appointments, medication refills and more with this FREE smartphone app. This valuable information can be life-saving!

Happy Patients
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